Korrasami & Charity

Some of you may know that I have a deep love of Legend of Korra and its fabulous predecessor, Avatar: The Last Airbender. While Korra isn’t my favorite of the two, it does have a special place in my heart on account of the risks and craziness that they took with what claims to be a children’s show.

Mixed in with the lessons one expects to find in a kids show were more mature topics and not a small number of events that I was surprised to see on a Nickelodeon show. I mean, how many times have you seen people asphyxiated on screen, much less in such a colorful way. Someone’s head exploding, that wasn’t a thing I was anticipating either…

One of the (genuinely) best and most surprising things was the relationship that formed between Korra and her friend Asami. For most of the last season, I was rooting for Korra and Asami to end up together, and I was not disappointed. It took the whole season for the vibe to become more than just a vibe, but the finale was a lovely affirmation of that possibility.

So what could be so cool about a thing that happened over two months ago? Well, the co-creator recently shared this beautiful poster!


Now, I think this is absolutely stunning and I would love to have it framed and hanging on my wall. But the coolest part for me is that Korra and Asami are so obviously together. The finale was sweet, but it was just vague enough that some people are trying to say that they were just friends going for a fun vacation, not newly lesbian lovers taking some time away from the harsh, cruel world. This poster is so overt that anyone still trying to deny Korrasami after the creators announced the intent of their ending ought now be quietly proved wrong. It makes me happy on so many levels.

The poster itself is being sold to fund an LGBTQ suicide prevention hotline, and that itself is awesome. The creators of this show not only made a lovely story, but they are using the power of that story to make the world better in even more ways. I’d say that is the definition of Awesome.