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Onward, to a cleaner house!

- 06 - 09 - 2016 - Thursday, June 9th, 2016
by Vagabond Violet, on ,

Mornin’ folks!

Comin’ up on 0100 here, and I should probably be thinking about sleep, and more tired than I am. Such is the life of a night person, I guess.

Luna & I are home from our most recent ramble, and we’re working on revising the house. It’s just himself & I living here now, and a house with two occupants has different priorities than a house with four, especially when that extra two are offspring. She & I make a good working unit, and she’s got some time over the summer, so I’ve got a part time helper. We’ve sent three car loads of miscellaneous stuff, heavy on books & poor clothing choices, off for donations since the process started. Today’s cull was yarn, which goes into two piles. The stuff for the charity that gives it to schools & the things my more accomplished knitter friends might shoot me for sending off without giving them first dibs. My knitting runs to scarves & simple shawls, but I frequently delude myself that I’ll make other things whilst at a yarn store. Yarn fumes are intoxicating!

Beyond that, I’m trying to stay out of political arguments on Facebook, and hoping to get through the week without another migraine.

Pleasant dreams everyone!

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So come on all you fox-girls and you ghost-girls and you pretty pirates,

Come on all you wild girls and you lost girls and you shrinking violets,

Come and pay the piper, say you'll leave their war unwon.

It's only words on paper, and your story is not done.

My Story Is Not Done
by Seanan McGuire

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