So That Happened

No sh*t, there I was…

When last we left our intrepid adventurer, she was putting off packing to go on a little trip. Eight days, mostly time in one place with folks, then a little run to Epcot, because there was nifty Food & Wine Festival merchandise to be seen & niftier food to be eaten.

Forty-three days later, our adventurer returns home.

PSA: I95 southbound, in Georgia, near mile marker 60, is apparently a highly accident prone stretch of road. I discovered this by hitting a refrigerator at 70MPH. One of the friendly sheriff’s deputies who came to my aid made a point of sharing that information.

I wasn’t badly injured & I’m healed & my car is shiny again. I got to experience Hurricane Matthew & spend more time than I’d planned at the Food & Wine Festival. I spent some time with my camera, and in the course of time some of those shots will show up here.

I’m now a month behind where I’d hoped to be, and am again sitting in front of the computer instead of packing, because despite only being home for a week, I have an event this weekend.

Also – GO CUBS!!!! I am not a baseball fan at all, but the city is happy today & I’m happy for her.