Testing, 1, 2, 3…

Afternoon folks. Early evening actually, but “Good Evening” both sounds very formal to me and has a very specific tone & timbre that doesn’t translate well in a text environment.

This project has gotten stalled like nobody’s business. There are valid reasons that I’m not going to bore anyone with. Suffice it to say life happened & it’s spent the past four years happening at me with intent. This website, while important to me, has been the best place to flex my time. It wasn’t really ready for prime time yet, no one had any expectations of it that I was going to disappoint, so it went back on the back burner, ideas simmering, neither burning nor boiling over, just staying ready for me when I could get back to it.

I may have reached that point. Some things have resolved, others proceed onward, either in a more manageable fashion or with my obligations toward them fulfilled.

So, what’s next? Well, my current mental theme is a quote by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, an abolishionist and one of the first women’s suffragists. She said “The heyday of a woman’s life is the shady side of fifty.” As I’m sitting here on the porch gazing at that shade, and considering where I’ve come from & where I’d like to go, I know a few things for sure. As the song snippet on the sidebar says, my story is not done. I have stories to tell and pictures to take and places to go. I have opinions & I’m not afraid to share them. I’m biking again. One of these days I might play one of the songs I’ve written for other people. I’m finally learning to play drums. I have people I want to see more & things to do.

So now I’m learning WordPress, and how this site actually works & making my plans for how I’m going to use it.

Welcome in.