Who are the Lost Girls anyway?

That’s us, Vagabond Violet and Luna Limn! But seriously, we’re a mother/daughter team of artistic, opinionated women. We’ve got ideas and art and we’re not afraid to share them! To learn more about us individually, click the links above.

What kinds of things can I find here?

The answer to that is a bit more complicated than it might seem. See, over here we have a habit of doing a wide variety of things on no particular schedule at all. In general, you can count on us for art, photography, jewelry, quilts and a whole lot of ideas and opinions, both nerdy and otherwise.

Where on this site will I find these things?

This about page will have updates on structure and any contact information as it changes. Each of our individual pages will have personalized information and in time will have ways to contact us directly. The other pages are as follows:

Gallery – We have a gallery full of our artwork, divided into categories, for you to peruse, some of which will be available in our Etsy Store. Other items may be available through our Shapeways store.

Blog – There are some categories of note that bear a little illumination.

  • Doctor’s Corner – Professional insights to help you understand medical developments and issues.
  • Book Reviews – What we loved, what we hated, and why you should read this book.
  • Movie Reviews – The entertainment merit of a film, rather than an analytical breakdown.
  • Insights – Basically, our views on current issues or events that we feel like weighing in on.
  • Works in Progress – Just update you on the projects who’s development  you might care to follow.

Send us any more questions or comments via our Facebook page.