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Recovery Mode

- 09 - 04 - 2017 - Monday, September 4th, 2017
by Vagabond Violet, on ,

I used to be better at blogging. I’m hoping to be better at it again soon.

I’m just back from my first ever cruise, and from opening day of the Epcot Food & Wine festival. Enjoyed the cruise, most especially the time to visit & relax . . .

So That Happened

- 11 - 03 - 2016 - Thursday, November 3rd, 2016
by Vagabond Violet, on ,

No sh*t, there I was…

When last we left our intrepid adventurer, she was putting off packing to go on a little trip. Eight days, mostly time in one place with folks, then a little run to Epcot, because there was nifty Food & Wine . . .

Hello September! I’m so happy to see you!

- 09 - 14 - 2016 - Wednesday, September 14th, 2016
by Vagabond Violet, on ,

Hmm. One post in May. One post in June. No posts in July or August.

September for the win?

Tomorrow I leave for a ramble, for which I am not yet packed, so naturally, I’m in front of the computer. I’m . . .

Editor’s Choice: Lyrics

So come on all you fox-girls and you ghost-girls and you pretty pirates,

Come on all you wild girls and you lost girls and you shrinking violets,

Come and pay the piper, say you'll leave their war unwon.

It's only words on paper, and your story is not done.

My Story Is Not Done
by Seanan McGuire

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